Dry Ice Blasting

Welcome to Carbon Coatings, where innovation meets cleanliness in Southwest Florida. “Revolutionizing Cleanliness with the Power of Cold” encapsulates our commitment to providing eco-friendly, efficient, and superior dry ice blasting solutions. Serving Naples and the broader Southwest Florida area, we are dedicated to delivering unparalleled service that breathes new life into your assets, from automotive treasures to industrial equipment. Experience the magic of our cutting-edge dry ice cleaning technology, where we make dirt and grime disappear without a trace, ensuring your equipment and possessions are not just clean, but Carbon Coatings clean.

Coming Soon: Mobile Dry Ice Blasting Services

Get ready for ultimate convenience with our Mobile Dry Ice Blasting service, arriving soon! Carbon Coatings will bring this state-of-the-art cleaning technology directly to you, serving all of Southwest Florida and the Greater Miami area. Whether at your home, workplace, or on-site for a project, our mobile service ensures that your exotic cars, classic vehicles, and restoration projects receive the professional care they deserve, right where you are. Stay tuned for more details on how we can bring our expert cleaning solutions directly to your doorstep.

Merritt McKenna
Merritt McKenna
I called Carbon Coatings looking for some detail products. I was interested in learning about some that would help my car bead water. They gave me some excellent recommendations. If you're looking for the same or similar give Lance and Chris a call.
Julia Claire
Julia Claire
I took my black Grand Cherokee to Lance to get rid of the water spots that were baked onto my paint along with some swirl marks. Lance was very knowledgeable and informed me I needed the paint corrected. I ended up getting with a ceramic coating package and it transformed the jeep! The pricing was very fair for the work he completed and It looks brand new! 10/10!
I recently visited Lance @ Carbon Coatings for dry ice cleaning, paint correction, and ceramic coating on my GTR and was thoroughly impressed. The dry ice cleaning meticulously cleared the engine and undercarriage of all stubborn dirt and grime, while the paint correction eliminated all scratches and swirls. The ceramic coating added a brilliant shine and long-term protection from this harsh Florida sun. The team was professional, and their attention to detail was top-notch. Great value for the exceptional quality of work provided. Highly recommended for anyone looking to rejuvenate their vehicle!
Joseph Treichel
Joseph Treichel
I can’t say enough about Lance and Chris at Carbon Coatings. Young guys with old fashion business sense. Excellent work, fair prices and they go above what’s required to make sure your car and your experience is exceptional when it leaves their shop. I will definitely use them again.
Vlad Nazarov
Vlad Nazarov
If you want to have the best paint correction, ceramic coating and dry ice undercarriage cleaning, look no further. Lance and his team are very skilled and experienced, it was an easy choice for me to have him do my car.
Brian Kennedy
Brian Kennedy
Lance did my mothers 2023 Harley Davidson motorcycle . Bike had no miles on it but the paint from the factory still needed some work. He corrected the paint and ceramic coated the bike for me. He was accommodating, helpful, and just a great guy. His knowledge of a vehicles paint is unmatched. I won’t go to anyone else. Thanks again Lance !
Kelli Esposito
Kelli Esposito
Lance was incredibly prompt and super informative. He communicated well on timing and completion! I would absolutely use him again for my vehicle.
Ann Kennedy
Ann Kennedy
Just got my mustang back from Lance at Carbon Coatings in Naples fl To say it looks AMAZING is an understatement!! She has not looked this good since she rolled off the assembly line. Lance gave her an amazing shine and years of protection from the salt air and sand he also fixed some of the imperfections in the paint i would highly recommend you bringing your car to Lance to have it ceramic coated if you want it to look good for years
Christine Newman
Christine Newman
Carbon Coatings did a fantastic job on my new to me Jaguar. They did a full paint correction with ceramic coating and it turned out better than new! Will definitely be using Lance and his team at Carbon Coatings in the future.
Carrie Margullis
Carrie Margullis
If you're searching for a top-notch Ceramic Coating in Naples, I highly recommend Carbon Coatings. After calling around several ceramic coating companies , I chose this company and was extremely impressed with the results. Lance answered all of my questions and educated me on the process of installing the coating. He was professional, friendly, and did an excellent job with my car. My Infiniti’s paint feels amazing! Now when I wash my vehicle it is so much easier and the time to do so is cut in half. If your looking for attention to detail and someone who loves your vehicle just as much as you do, THIS IS THE PLACE!!

Dry Ice Blasting

Dry ice blasting, otherwise known as dry ice cleaning offers a non-toxic, non-abrasive, and moisture-free solution to cleaning challenges, making it suitable for everything from delicate electronic components to heavy industrial machinery. Unlike traditional cleaning methods that often rely on water, chemicals, or abrasive media, our dry ice cleaning service preserves the integrity of the cleaned surfaces, extends the lifespan of equipment, and eliminates the need for disassembly and reassembly, reducing downtime significantly.

How does it work?

 1. KINETIC ENERGY – The impact of Dry Ice particles removes contamination from the surface

2.THERMAL SHOCK-There is a rapid freeze and thaw of the both the particle and the surface which pops the contamination off.

3.RAPID EXPANSION -Dry Ice expands over 800 times when it hits the surface and sublimates removing contaminants on contact

We utilize the Cold Jet PCS60 and it’s one of the best dry ice cleaning machines in the world.  PCS stands for particle control system which allows us to remove the harshest under carriage grime to the ability to change settings and clean delicate interior alcantara.


FAQ Section

What is dry ice blasting, and how safe is it?

Dry ice blasting, also known as dry ice cleaning, is an environmentally friendly cleaning method that uses solid carbon dioxide (CO2) pellets. It is extremely safe for both the environment and the surfaces being cleaned. The process is non-toxic, non-abrasive, and does not produce secondary waste, making it safer than traditional cleaning methods that involve harsh chemicals or abrasive materials.

What types of contaminants can dry ice blasting remove?

Dry ice blasting is highly effective at removing a wide range of contaminants, including grease, oil, dirt, soot, adhesive residues, and paint. It can also be used to clean away mold, mildew, and food residues. Due to its versatility, it is suitable for various applications across industries, from automotive restoration to food processing equipment maintenance.

How long does the dry ice blasting process take?

The duration of the cleaning process can vary depending on several factors, including the size of the area being cleaned, the type and level of contamination, and the complexity of the equipment or machinery. However, dry ice cleaning is generally faster than traditional cleaning methods because it requires no disassembly of parts and has a quicker cleanup time. For specific estimates, we recommend contacting us with details about your cleaning project.

Is dry ice blasting suitable for all types of surfaces?

Dry ice blasting is safe for use on most surfaces, including metal, plastic, rubber, and wood. Its non-abrasive nature ensures that delicate surfaces are not damaged during the cleaning process. However, it is always best to consult with our experts to determine if dry ice cleaning is the right solution for your specific application, especially for extremely delicate or sensitive materials.

Can dry ice blasting be used on electronic equipment?

Yes, dry ice cleaning can be safely used on electronic equipment. Since the process is moisture-free, it does not pose a risk of water damage to electrical components. This makes it an ideal cleaning solution for sensitive electronics and machinery.

What environmental regulations does dry ice cleaning comply with?

Dry ice cleaning complies with various environmental regulations due to its eco-friendly nature. It does not involve harmful chemicals or solvents, produces no secondary waste, and utilizes CO2 that is recycled from other industrial processes, thereby reducing the overall carbon footprint.

Do I need to prepare my facility or equipment before the cleaning process?

Minimal preparation is needed before the dry ice cleaning process. Our team will assess the site and provide specific instructions if any preparatory work is required, such as removing loose items or sensitive materials from the cleaning area. Our goal is to ensure a smooth and efficient cleaning process with minimal disruption to your operations.

Ready to Experience the Future of Cleaning?

Dive into the revolutionary world of dry ice blasting with Carbon Coatings and see firsthand how our services can rejuvenate your assets, streamline your maintenance processes, and contribute to a greener planet. Whether you’re looking to restore the glory of a classic car, ensure the hygiene of your food processing equipment, or maintain the precision of your industrial machinery, our expert team is here to guide you every step of the way.

Dry Ice Pricing

Dry ice cleanings start at an hourly rate of $300. Here are some example jobs

In Depth Chassis Clean

Starting at


Engine Bay Clean

Starting at


Arches, Suspension, & Wheels

Starting at


Need something else?

Starting at


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